Accounting and bookkeeping from 45 EUR/month

Taxes, payroll, performance measurement are just some of the many tasks that accounting does. Do you also want to evaluate your profit or loss, keep up with the balance sheet of your company and, last but not least, make your work easier?

A good accountant or an accounting service can help you with business success, as they can help you reduce costs and taxes, increase sales or expand the scope of your work, control surpluses, and shortages, in short, plan your business, knowing at all times where and how you can save or make more money.

An experienced accountant also relieves you of calculating salaries and contributions, drawing up annual reports, accumulating and organizing documentation, keeping track of changes to the law, and many other, unnecessary, time-consuming tasks.

So, focus on your business and see what services our bookkeeping and accounting service provides.

Accounting and bookkeeping services

Our services are intended for small and medium-sized companies, associations, schools, and other public institutions. We provide you with high-quality accounting services and consultancy, as well as prompt information transfer.

We offer the following services:

  • business bookkeeping
  • VAT calculation
  • keeping the general ledger
  • reporting for intrastat
  • preparation of documentation for work abroad
  • arrangement of an EU VISA
  • calculation of salaries and other remuneration
  • royalties
  • keeping a fixed assets register by calculating depreciation
  • preparation of annual financial statements
  • making monthly and semi-annual accounts
  • drawing up a tax balance
  • calculation of default interest
  • assistance in drawing up financial plans
  • Managing payment transactions
  • tax consultancy
  • fund accounting
  • production of reports
  • production of financial account statistics
  • calculation of interest
  • preparation of documentation for obtaining bank loans

In our company, we can also offer you legal services. Our accounting service can provide you with a complete accounting management service, or you can only leave certain items in our care.

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